HOA Payments

2024 Maintenance Fees - $185.00 per month


1. By coupons through mail with check, via Lockbox:

PO Box 628207

Orlando, FL 32862-8207

2. In person at Truist
Payments are accepted at all Truist locations with coupon.

3. Using Online BillPay through your Banking Institution

Payee Account Number: Listed on Coupon as “Bill Pay Account Number”

Payee Name: Casa Del Rey HOA
Payee Address: P.O. Box 628207 Orlando, FL 32862-8207
Payee Phone: 888-722-6669

4. Online at www.truist.com/payments (Click “Pay Now” and follow instructions)

Pay by Card: A one-time payment with credit or debit card.
Pay by eCheck: A one-time payment made through checking account

Enroll in Association Pay – Recurring payments through ACH

Processing Fees

·         Credit Card = 2.95% of payment amount

·         Debit Card = $4.95 (regardless of amount paid)

·         eCheck or Association Pay = No Charge

5. ACH (Association Pay) *Automatic Payments
A. Enroll Online at www.truist.com/payments *Must be completed by the 25th 

B. Enroll by Mail by Authorization Form included with Coupon Books

Important Information

***Payments are not accepted over the phone and should be paid directly through Truist. Payments are due by the 1st of the month and will be considered late after the 25th. There is a $25.00 late fee for all payments made after the 25th of the month.